Netgear r7000 slow wifi speeds after firmware update

netgear r7000 slow wifi speeds after firmware update

netgear r7000 slow wifi speeds after firmware update

R7000 Slow download speeds after latest firmware upgrade After installing the latest update ( on my R7000, I've encountered very weird behaviour regarding download speeds. When doing speedtests, everything seems fine (I can download with the full 750 Mbit/s I get from my ISP), but as soon as I start a download on Steam or UPlay, the speed drops to 150 - 170 Mbit/s, and it seems to be ...

Re: R7000 internet speed drops after firmware update The latest firmware ( without the hotfix display a slow down even with the guest network off. I haven't tried the hot fix (30) but unless the security issues fix sorts out 2.4GHz guest network I can't see how that works.

Re: After update the firmare the wifi speed is very slow. R7000 R7000 Your in a bit of a unique position, as lots/most of us, don't yet have acces(or can afford) to a 300+ Mb/s connection from our ISP provider, so we would never encounter the speed issue you are experiencing with the R7000!

After doing so, I was still getting only 120Mbps downloads. Although the firmware auto update showed that I had the most current update ( I believe it was) I noticed there was a more recent update on the Netgear Support site ( which I then downloaded. After installing the new firmware version, my speeds are still not any ...

After the latest FW update (V1.0.9.34_10.2.36) my wifi starts jumping upp and down .I'v got 2 of R7000 and one is acting as AP. I uppgraded FW then factory reset still same issue on both R7000 . Try to down grade to previus FW factory reset and yea i know the drill .

The most recent firmware as of this date was v1.09.18, which caused us to have slow download speeds on the R7000 (much slower than our 300/30 line). If you're reading this after January, 2018, and you have slow speed issues with the router, and if the most current firmware is in the 1.09.xx series, I would suggest downgrading back to v1.07.12.

Hi PKH, Glad to hear that you're happy with your new router. I've been looking at some replacements as well. Although, after downgrading the firmware back to V1.0.7.6_1.1.99, the speed has remained fairly constant (around 340 mbps), I've been a tech for over 40 years and the thought of having a ...

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